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Predictive and Symbolic Dream 2 
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Post Predictive and Symbolic Dream 2
I had this dream when I was 18.
My youngest brother was 13 at the time.
My Aunt Adela died when I was 17.

I was walking on a path in a dark forest at night. I was not lost nor scared.
Trees were dense, there was a full moon. So in spite of the denseness of the trees, I could see my way around.

Finally I arrived at a cave with a very big opening. I stand at the entrance to the cave and it is darker in the cave than it is on the path were I am.
I am tired so I sit down at the mouth of the cave, and rest my back against the wall of the cave.
I sit quietly, close my eyes and fall asleep. A little later I hear the sound of faint crying and I wake up.
I sit there, in the dark, listening, because I am not sure if I heard correctly. But I hear it again, and I walk towards the sound.

Although it is dark, there is enough moonlight in the environment for me to be able to see.
As I arrive at the origin of the whimpering sounds, I find my little brother on the ground.
I kneel over him and put my arm under his head and raise his head to check on him.
I can see his eyes are closed and I can hear the whimpering coming from him.

I notice there is something sticking out of his mouth and I grab it with my fingers to pull it out, but I cannot.
I cannot tell what it is, but whatever it is, the thing is stuck and cannot be dislodged.
I continue fighting with the object, trying to take it out of his mouth!

Suddenly, I see someone dressed in glowing white walk towards me from inside the cave.
It is my Aunt Adela, who had died the previous year.

She walks up to me and kneels down next to my brother, on the other side across from me.
She looks at him and sees the object in his mouth and proceeds to pull on it also, to take it out.

I watch her, in amazement, because I know she is dead.
So I say “Auntie Adela, what are you doing here?”
She does not speak, and continues trying to dislodge the thing in my brother’s mouth.

I let her work on, while I watch her, and she finally pulls it out.
And it was a very large glossy black scorpion, about the size of her hand.
She stands up, and holds it out to me, so I can see it.
I am horrified and fall backwards and land on my butt.
As I watch, she wraps it up in the glowing white gauzy material that her clothes seem to be made of.

My brother starts to make noise again, and I get back up to my knees to look over him.
He seems to be trying to open his eyes, I can see the eyeballs moving, as if in REM.

But I also notice my aunt is starting to leave, she is moving away from us,
back into the darkness of the cave from where she had come,
and she is taking the gauze wad that has the scorpion in it.

I say “Don’t go! Stay and help me get him back home!”
But she continues walking away and disappears into the darkness.

I look back at my bother and see that his eyes are open, he sees me, and says “Lannah?”
I help him sit up.
He says “I have a horrible headache” and I say “Let’s get you up, so we can get you home”.

I stand up and start to help him get up and then I woke up.

I was horrified by the dream, by the scorpion in the mouth, and so surprised at seeing my aunt in my dream.
Or course, I told my mother.

Two weeks later my brother had his first epileptic seizure while he was in the bathroom attempting to brush his teeth.
He hit his head on the bathtub and got a concussion and he almost bit his tongue in half.
He was taken to the hospital and spent a week there, while the doctors ran all sorts of tests.

My mother, once again, spoke to me about the dream and pointed out that the dream was trying to tell us that my brother's illness was on its way.

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