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I Still Believe 
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Post I Still Believe
I still believe in God. The God that I believe in is the God of all. I have said many times that the word "God" is not God. In reality the word is a convinient word that points to a Something or Whathave that is the Beginning, Middle, and End of everything. Sometimes I call the "Ocean of Life". In my understanding that "Ocean of Life" has always existed. I understand that sometimes human beings somehow or the other make contact withe "Ocean of Life" and write down tehir experiences. In the Vedic literature It has been given different Names: Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, Ishwar, Shakti, and other. In Wester and Middle Eastern religions that "Ocean of Life" has been given other Names: YHVH, Adonai, Allah, etc.

I call those men and women who have had that experience SEERS. Some have claimed that Something has spoken to them and even dictated Books. I have no way of confirming that, but I can believe that once and a while someone has had an experience of Something greater than he/she. Now I am not one of those Seers. I am just one more guy trying to make a living in hard times and support a family. Now once and a while I meditate pray a little, not much. Sometimes I feel a Presence when my mind is very serene. It does not speak; It does not reveal anything. It is not a vision... just a Presence! It soes not happen very often. It happen sometimes when I am meditating. I am not in a trance... nor am I smoking anything strange (I do not smoke, nor do I drink alcoholics... apart from my regular medications, I do not use any drugs).

The ancient Vedic seers and Lord Buddha had very profound serene experiences that they called by different Names: Nirvana, Brahma-Nirvana, Moksha, Savikalpa Samadhi, Nirvkalp Samadhi, Kaivalya, etc. Essentially what all these words mean is "a very serene state of mind in union with something greater than the human being". They have called it "union with God." Another of the Seers has said that when in that state one realizes that the Presence is the Ocean and one is the wave, and the wave can not live without the Ocean. I had a similar experience many years ago, and I have wanted to go back to it again. I call that Ocean God... I am just a wave in that Ocean.

One thing I have learned, it is not in a book. An no matter how much I explain it, you will not understand it. One must have the experience.

Good night all! I have to take a shower and go to the meditation room.

In spiritual friendship,
Hermano Luis

"To be united with the Lord of Love
Is to be freed from all conditioning."

The Tejabindu Upanishad

Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:41 pm
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