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Dream about the Entity in our house 
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Post Dream about the Entity in our house
I think I had told you all that there is an entity in our home.
Several of us
have had experiences with it, or dreams about it, and
we put all the little snippits together we seem to get a picture.

It seems to be that a man died in a fire in the past, in the area where our house is built.

Our neighborhood is 14 years old.
So the house is only 14 years old, and has never burnt down.

Before that
it was a longhorn cattle ranch.
Before that
it was Spanish territory and there were about 7 mission sites, along the San Gabriel river, which is quite close to us.
Before that
it was Native American/American Indian territory.

Two nights ago I slept in the room where the "entity" resides in our home.
And I had a very very very weird "dream" while in there.

Ok, enough updating!

Two nights ago I had to sleep in that room.
I was reluctant, for the energy in that room does not let me sleep well!

Ok, it took me an hour to fall asleep.
But I did, and I slept like the dead, no pun intended, slept very soundly till the morning.

I had a weird "dream".
In it I encountered a man who was dressed in red clothes.
He did not have a head, he was headless.
He stood immediately in front of me.
He was holding up a glass jar for me to look at.

It was a clear glass jar, about twice the size of mason canning jars.
It had a lid.
Inside of it there we several small bones. About 6 or 7.

He said "can you tell what these are?"
I said "Bones"

He kept holding the jar in front of me and raised it so it was at my eye level.

He said "can you see clearly, can you tell what they are?"

So I asked him "are those human bones"?

He said "yes" and was silent for a long time, still holding the jar in front of my face for me to see.

I then thought and asked "are those bones buried under my house, are they under this room?"

He said "yes".

In the dream I thought "the entity in the house is related, attached to those bones, it comes from those bones".
I thought it (in the dream),
but did not utter it to him (like I had the previous questions),
yet he "read" my thoughts.

He said "yes, they are under your house, and many others are scattered all over the neighborhood."

We didn't speak anymore, and he stood for a long while in front of me, still holding the jar.
I could tell that the wall behind him was the wall of the bedroom.
It is painted a very particular shade of sage green.

Then the "dream" just faded away.
I woke up, but it felt like I woke up hours after the "dream".


First of all, let me state:

Our motion sensor house alarm still goes off, not everyday, but almost every day.
In the past it was on a very specific cycle/ schedule.
Now it is more haphazard.
The becoming less frequent and more haphazard started after I started setting out the salt water, to absorb the bad energy from our home's environment.

A friend of mine told me to put out salt water in order to absorb the negative energy.
I flush it down the toilet, once the water gets weird!

Also, my dogs' panic attacks are FEW!
Whatever was scaring the dogs, is either not there anymore, or is different, or the energy is less.
No freaking out of dogs, since the salt water's been put out.

But every once in a while, they do feel the presence BEFORE the motion sensor alarm goes off.
That's interesting to witness.
They all jump up at the same time, and run as a pack, to the same hallway, and bark at something I cannot see.
Then about 13-15 seconds later, the motion sensor alarm goes off!

Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:00 pm
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