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Anyone about for a chat
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Author:  Lisa [ Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Anyone about for a chat

I've not been on for a while again. Life just seems to take over. Things here not been going in my preferred direction.
My neighbour had a massive heart attack, died twice, major heart surgery, put into a coma then didnt come round proper from it,further surgery done. Was so worrying. Still he finally did come round and is now home, still recovering, but home now and I believe mending well. Meanwhile my eldest daughter, who was pregnant with twins but lost one had her 20 wk scan and they were told the baby has a connection in the front of the brain missing and fluid on the back of the brain and dialated kidneys. Referred to London. 2wks and 2 trips to St Thomas' later, their scan confirmed and they've offered her to terminate. She's had MRI done. Tomorrow was supposed be results day but they've rung my daughter and cancelled. She's now 23 wks. We're all left in limbo. I do so hope bubba will be ok I dont want my daughter to terminate and nor does she but she wants to know exactly what the chances are. Going by ordinary scan they said 30 to 50% chance of learning difficulties and thats ok she can cope with a slow child but that was before they saw the fluid and the size of his brain being so small this is why the MRI results are so important. If they say baby forever she wont cope not with 5 other children at home too and I fear she'll terminate but I know my daughter will so regret the decision of she has to make it as she so wants this child. Please would everyone pray and send healing energies to this little unborn.

Author:  Pete [ Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone about for a chat

Will do lisa.

Author:  Lisa [ Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone about for a chat

Thanks Pete, Slight update. The sonographer rang her the day that meeting should've taken place. He was pushing again for her to have amniocentesis. She declined. Then the neurologist rang. The connection box in the babies brain is definitely missing, the fluid is too much but not excessive 'yet'. He said amnio test was pointless. Wants her to have a further scan at 28wks which will be Oct 8th. He doesnt see an issue with the motor nerve and as baby moved alot while MRI was being done he said either he could hear and moved or he felt vibrations and moved either way he moved so thats a good thing. After that the midwife from St Thomas' rang and told Toni not to do the amnio test as she'd be 24 wks that week.So thats where we at waiting for the next scan and hoping he carries on growing to the right size for age and that the fluid doesnt increase but that is where she has to make her decision. Keep praying please

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