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Is religion dying? 
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Post Is religion dying?
Less and less people are adhering to a religion and those that are adapt it to there way of thinking. So I ask 'is religion dying ?'

Fri Jul 05, 2019 9:53 am
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Post Re: Is religion dying?
jonathon has some posts that address this topic at .net

they are pretty lengthy but the one i have watched was good.

Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:03 pm
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Post Re: Is religion dying?
You could say the same for many things. From looking at how people view things round here where I live I'd say most things are dying. No one seems to believe in anything anymore, religion is virtually laughed at or criticised - the usual bible versus science will be spoken of then thats it - science wins. Family units are disjointed partly due to work constraints of what in my opinion is stupid with zero hour contracts or part time contracts with rolling rota shifts. Children live within there electronic world so no one talks anymore.
My own children included in that even though they're all adults now. For example I pop over to the eldests to see them and the grandchildren and the adults are all on their phones, the older children are in their rooms on computers, and now even the 6 year old is on the xbox while the 3 yr old is playing with a kiddy toy tablet nd the baby is dumped in the bouncer to wvtch tv - no one is interacting with each other.
Even me now I'm on the lap top writing this,hubby's on the tablet playing a game, the tv is on playing to itself, my 21yr old is in the hallway on his ipad watching something and the 19 yr old is upstairs on his computer - no one is interacting with anyone face on.
If I were to mention religion here in this house right now I'd be ridiculed, which is daft when you think I used to work for a charity within the church and my children all used to go every week because they were in the choir. Once they came out of it and I got made redundant from post only one of the children went back once a couple of years back now but they felt like an outsider who wasnt welcome so didnt go back again.
Respect for anyone or anything seems to be going too. Trust is gone, you only have to look at the politicians to see that - makes no difference which party it is they all lie or change what they've said they'd do which only ever seems to benefit themselves not the people they're supposed to be doing it for.
Right now everything seems wrong but how you turn things around I dont know.
I personally want to go backward to earlier times when electronics werent about the way they are now. I want to go back to nature and get out of all this but as much as I try something happens to keep me here doing the same thing. I'm vegetating, getting lower in mood just as they (my children) too are becoming more and more depressed - we're all dying too because none of us are living we just exist.

We are all the colours in a bubble. We all pull in different directions if the bubble bursts then someone let go, dont let go we need to be together to be whole.

Love, Life and energy to you

Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:13 pm
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Post Re: Is religion dying?
I think Lisa has a point, but are we all retreating into an electronic refuge because daily life is so over-regulated now? One example of what I mean. My daughter, a teacher, has taken her class to a carol service at Christmas for years. No more. To walk her class 100 yards to the church she is required to complete a NINE PAGE risk assessment form for the local education authority. The headmistress thinks this a waste of time, so no carol service. There are thousands of jobsworths enforcing a myriad of similar pettifogging regulations to add to the tedium of trying to live a normal life. Turning everyday life into tedium induces apathy, making further inroads into freedom by the jobsworths even easier. When health and safety at work started to become a major issue, it did what was intended, and saved lives. These days it is an industry in its own right, and seems to turn normal activity into something that needs more and more regulation, and instead of rebelling, and shouting "Enough!", we retreat to our electronic refuge and let it happen.

Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:45 am
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