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The Staff 
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Post The Staff
The staff is primarily a larger version of the wand but has the practical application of being able to steady you when walking.

When you are making a staff you have to decide which type of wood you wish to use. Birch, Hazel, Sweet Chestnut and Oak are very good for the purpose. Obiously if you wish to use it for magical intention you could use the list in the wands thread.

When there have been some strong winds which can tear branches from trees this is a good time to go looking for windfall branches. These would be good to gather for the purpose. However, if you must cut a limb from a tree try to observe the following;

If you must cut a healthy branch, make your wishes known to the Tree. Meditate on why you need this piece and how you will use it. Ask the Tree’s permission to remove the branch. Consider this; you are cutting a limb off the tree so covering the wound with a sealant so the tree will not become infected is only fair. Remember to thank the tree for the use of its limb; perhaps you could leave an offering for the tree, such as a silver coin. Some people make a small cut on their hand and leave a few drops of their own blood.

Green Wood:

Green wood is that which has been cut from a tree or recently removed through storm damage.

If you intend to use green wood it is best to harvest in the winter months when the sap has stopped flowing. There will be less shrinkage, and therefore less checking i.e. cracking at the cut ends.

When you have gathered the wood lay the sticks flat to keep them straight. It is preferable dry or season green wood in a garage or shed at a normal temperature, not in the house under forced conditions.

To prevent checking, the wood must dry slowly. One good but time consuming way to do this is to wrap the wood in plastic. Unwrap for a few hours a day, gradually lengthening the time until dry. I usually find though that if left to its own devices it usually dries out quite well in about 6 months or so. Wood harvested in Spring or Summer when the sap is still rising will take longer to season - up to 18 months depending on the wood type.

There are chemical substances that can be purchased from ironmongers/DIY stores etc. that you can use to coat the ends of your stick to prevent checking. I usually use a stick longer than I need to allow for this which negates the need to use chemicals.

If you choose to de-bark the stick it’s easiest to remove from green wood.

Seasoned Wood:

This is wood which has been cut and dried 6 months or longer and is now ready to use.

If you wish to remove the bark and it is proving difficult to remove, try heating it over fire or put a large pan of water over a camping stove and when boiling pass the stick through the steam. This second method is also useful if there are any bows or bends that you wish to remove - put the stick over the pan with a damp cloth over the top let it steam till pliable and bend round your knee.

Cautionary note: When working with an open flame always take precautions to prevent fire and always use stout gloves to protect your hands from heat.

Before starting work check for areas of rot that might weaken the stick. Also check for any form of insect infestation. Insects and larvae can be killed in the steam/heat process or by placing the stick in one or two large plastic bags spraying insecticide inside. Seal the opening and let set for a few days. If you must use incecticides please use caution; read directions, spray in a well ventilated area and wash hands after touching the stick. The stick will need to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the process.

When making a staff for magical use make it in the same way as you would a wand. Obviously being bigger there is more area to carve runes or symbols and you also have the choice to carve the top or use larger crystals. Remember that you are putting a bit of yourself into this and each staff is a unique magical item.

Absit invidia.

Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:40 pm
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Post Re: The Staff
I have a very short sorcerers staff.It is made of metal and its protection is magical.

I keep it in the car and it has served me well on several occaisions.

In a previous life it served as the handelbars of a pushbike.

:cool: :yinyang:

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Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:00 am
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Post Re: The Staff
Califer wrote:
The staff is primarily a larger version of the wand but has the practical application of being able to steady you when walking.

Especially when you got knees like mine!!!!

I got a big crack in my old hazel staff and i do'nt know if i can fix it, i have other unmade staffs, i make them for folks, the best 2 i got are one of silver birch and one of oak, ahhhhh decissions decissions :oldman:

It's a hard choice, 2 very sacred trees, mmm

Gentle Breezes,


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It wizni me !!!!!!!!

Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:31 pm
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